Dedicated to Community Living ABOUT Hyatt Adult Home Day Care

At Hyatt, we are dedicated to community living with independence and dignity. 


A small word which is in reality say so much and clearly summarizes the mission of Hyatt Adult Day Care Center Services. Fruitful service, however, dictates the necessity to accurately determine the needs of those served, and to respond meaningfully and appropriately.

Our view of adult day care is based on several principles. We believe in the sacredness and dignity of human life which requires us to provide individualized and person-centered care. We are here to support senior citizens, disabled adults, and their caregivers in their effort to remain independent with dignity in the community, maintaining quality of life.


Hyatt Adult Day Care recognizes the importance of values and temperament in the selection and hiring of staff. Training is not sufficient to produce special skills. Values hiring allows our Centers to begin with the most important ingredient, the right person for our mission.

A person who comes to us ready to build on their values, caring and motivation to make a difference in the lives of others is the foundation of our company. These are the special skills, and with on-going training, coaching and learning our clients and caregivers enhance the skills set. The tool box is better equipped as new tools are added.

The beginningsOUR HISTORY


Hyatt Adult Day Care founded

We first opened and established a day care facility for day services.

Hyatt Home Care Services founded

As of 2017, we added a home care service along with our already existing day care facility.



Care Giver

Our CareGivers are the best they work hard around the clock to make sure our patients are feeling great, and entertained with activities.

Social Worker

Social Worker

We have a dedicated staff of social workers.


CEO and Owner of Hyatt

CEO of Hyatt Adult Home Day Care.


Program Director

Registered Nurse who also functions in the Program Director role.


Fuad is one of the owners of Hyatt Home Adult Day Care