Program Services

· Recreational activities
· Diversionary activities
· Relaxation therapy
· Cognitive Stimulation
· Group range of motion and/or conditioning exercises
· General health education on nutrition, stress management, disease management, and preventive skills
· Consultation with a registered nurse and social services.

Providing Assistance with:

· Eating
· Toileting
· Repositioning
· Medication management that does not require a licensed nurse
· Personal hygiene at a level that ensures safety while in attendance at HYATT

Program Manager/RN

• Directs and supervises all aspects of the day care program
• Determines admission eligibility of recipients and discharges
• Develops and implements in-services for staff
• Supervises the staff
• Maintains daily census levels
• Evaluates program and staff
• Develops and implements a marketing plan
• Maintains community relations

Social Worker

• Develops and conducts personalized exercise programs.
• Conducts initial and periodic assessments of the social service and psycho-social needs of clients.
• Ensures all required documentation and charting is accurate and completed in a timely manner.
• Participates in development and implementation of social care plans and client assessments.

Certified Nurse Assistant

• Assist recipients with eating
• Using the toilet
• Other personal care tasks

Registered Nurse

• Delivers educational programs
• Manages day-to-day health needs
• Attends to emergencies